GUIDING PRINCIPLES: These  principles guide our work and define our mission.

1. Faith: We believe in relying on God to direct all that we do.

2. A Just Society: We believe that education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity and equality of every
individual     in our diverse community and society.
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

3. Life-long Learning/Enlightenment: We believe in learning/growing from the cradle to the  grave and that everyone
is capable.
4. Collective Action: We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good.

5. Participatory Charity: We believe that every person can LIFT him/herself limitlessly when  immersed in the proper  
tools;  positive, uplifting, nurturing experiences, and support in  skill development.

6. Partnership: We believe partnerships with families, schools, places of worship, communities, businesses and other
stake holders  are essential to the success of our  mission.

7. Relaxing Atmosphere:  We believe in creating a balance of stimulation and relaxation  and that they are equally
beneficial to wholeness.
- promote and facilitate stimulating  learning activities of Infinite Possibilities
- grow vegetable gardens for healthy and nutritious living
- entertain, inspire, uplift and motivate  with amazing stories by "The Learning Dramatist"
- host events and provide services for groups and families
It is our aim to build a thriving, Learning Retreat, Tourist Camp and Garden Center
-  provide positive development programs in a wholesome family environment
- encourage interaction with nature
At Grimhenwalk, Inc:
At Grimhenwalk  Gardens we:
"Our  Grand Opening of Grimhenwalk, Inc   at
Grimhenwalk Gardens was a monumental success.  We
had a beautiful day of celebration, learning and fun.The
Board got everyone moving with 'The Grimhenwalk.'"
Grimhenwalk Gardens,apart of Grimhenwalk,Inc., that Shirley and Roy Walker envisioned more than  twenty years ago, is a community where man
and nature coexist in mutual respect; and where families find the perfect balance of recreation,learning, and living indoors as well as out of doors.
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A Natural Health, Fitness and Learning Retreat
Is A 62 acre
Toxin-free facility located at
Hwy 183 at 2 mile marker
Uniontown, Alabama 36786